Saturday, September 02, 2006

74. John Patrick Shanley "Doubt"

73. T.C. Boyle "Talk Talk"

72. Charles Burns "Black Hole"

71. Jennifer Egan "The Keep"

70. Joshua Clover "Madonna anno domini"

69. Louise Gluck "Averno"

68. Ron Padgett "You Never Know"

67. Suzan-Lori Parks "Topdog/Underdog"

66. Sheila Heti "Ticknor"

65. Marisha Pessl "Special Topics in Calamity Physics"

64. Jennifer Moxley "Often Capital"

63. Joshua Clover "The Totality for Kids"

62. Curtis Sittenfeld "The Man of My Dreams"

61. Ander Monson "Other Electricities"

60. Tim O'Brien "The Things They Carried"

59. William Golding "Lord of the Flies"

58. Jena Osman "An Essay in Asterisks"

56. Alice Munro "Runaway"

57. Anselm Berrigan "Some Notes On My Programming"

55. T.S. Eliot "Four Quartets"

54. Martin McDonagh "The Pillowman"

52. Saul Bellow "Dangling Man"

53. Christine Schutt "A Day, A Night, Another Day, Summer"

51. Bret Easton Ellis "Glamorama"

50. Tony Hoagland "Donkey Gospel"

49. James Tate "Worshipful Company of Fletchers"

48. Christopher Sorrentino “Trance”

47. Amy Hempel “At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom”

46. James Tate “Return to the City of White Donkeys”

45. Don DeLillo “Love-Lies-Bleeding”

44. Carl Phillips “Riding Westward”

43. James Baldwin “Giovanni’s Room”

42. Martin McDonagh “The Lieutenant of Inishmore”

41. George Saunders “The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil”

40. Graham Greene “The End of the Affair”

39. Dave Eggers “How We Are Hungry”

38. Amy Hempel “Tumble Home”

37. Gary Lutz “Stories In the Worst Way”

36. Gabriel Garcia Marquez “Memories of My Melancholy Whores”